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24.03.17 // “Pretty Honest” by Sali Hughes

This book was gifted to me last Summer, and if I’m being honest, the only time I properly flicked through it was when it was given to me. Apart from then it has pretty much remained redundant on my shelf. The other day I fancied having a quick flick through something so picked it up, and was totally surprised by how many useful tips and tricks I managed to pick up in the few pages I read.

A bit of background on Sali, she is a journalist, writer and broadcaster. With articles published in magazines such as Grazia, Elle and Glamour and a role as the resident beauty columnist in The Guardian since 2011 there are a fair few words of advice that she has picked up along the way, all of which she shares in this, her first book published in 2014.

I was expecting a book based solely on makeup and beauty product related knowledge, but there is so much more packed into this little bible of helpful information. Such a wide range of topics are covered, from how to apply makeup on the go, to useful tips on how to go about getting your eyebrows tattooed on. It’s not like the book is even targeted at a specific age range or type of person either as there are large sections dedicated to both teen beauty and mature beauty, and motherhood and beauty in the workplace.

That’s why I think that this book is an absolute godsend, it really does cater to the needs of everyone. I have yet to find another book that contains such a vast amount of information, yet remains so easy to simply dip in and out of. I suggest that everyone have this book in their collection, whether they be a professional or a novice, as there are sure to be a few tricks you’ll pick up from it.

You can get it here


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